Gebroeders van Lymborch Huis

Discover the Rembrandts of the Middle Ages

Museum van Lymborch Brothers House

The birthplace of Dutch painting is here in Nijmegen! On this very location, over 600 years ago, the workshop of the Maelwael Van Lymborch family was situated. The Van Lymborch Brothers were raised here, and it was in this workshop that they were taught the different crafts that provided them with the tools to become the best painters of the late Middle Ages. 

In the Van Lymborch Brothers House we take you on a journey through the exciting story of Herman, Paul and Johan van Lymborch. Enjoy their brilliant art and experience history in the authentic cellar of their 14th century workshop.

Around 1400 Herman, Paul and Johan van Lymborch lived and worked on the Burchtstraat in Nijmegen. The brothers were way ahead of their time and can rightly be called the founders of Dutch painting. Their realistic depictions of castles, nobles and peasants still define our image of the Middle Ages.

The images of the Van Lymborch Brothers have garnered worldwide fame, but the names of the artists were forgotten for centuries. In the Van Lymborch Brothers House we place these magnificent artists in the spotlight again. Find out about their incredible careers at the French court – for which they were richly rewarded – the way in which they shaped modern painting, and their lives and deaths in the time of the Black Death, the greatest pandemic in history.


Address: Burchtstraat 63, Nijmegen.

Opening hours: Wednesday & Friday – Sunday 11 – 17h

Guided tours are given every hour, on the hour.

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